Unlike the anonymity of large hospitals, our clinic has the inviting charm that only a smaller-scale establishment can offer. Our clinic has grown over the years as a result of the acquisition and construction of new buildings and lies nestled in the middle of a beautiful park. Our architect, Frauke Rüterhenke, has skilfully highlighted the basic architectural style that is traditional of Upper Bavaria by incorporating new architectural trends.

The lakeside property blends seamlessly with the surrounding area and extends an enticing invitation to take a deep breath and relax. Germany's most powerful iodine-sulphur spring is situated nearby and is just one of the many health-enhancing excursion destinations to be found on the shores of Lake Tegernsee.

With just 120 rooms and suites, we are able to create an ambiance that offers privacy and a more personal feel. This and the clinic's many other amenities have in the past made a lasting impression on prominent figures such as Herbert von Karajan and Ludwig Erhard. The clinic's location alone is enough to ensure a speedy recovery.