Based on the latest scientific findings and using state-of-the-art methods and treatments, we have just one objective: to treat you so that your symptoms are permanently eased and to renew your vitality.

Our highly-qualified and experienced specialists in medicine, therapy and care work together with a holistic, interdisciplinary treatment approach. Our team works together with you to establish mutual aims which we would then like you to achieve during your stay. For example:

  • Processing and reducing pain, e.g. using relaxation techniques
  • Increasing your mobility and your strength
  • Detecting risk factors more quickly
  • Incorporating social and psychological components in the healing process; your life partner is also welcome to join us to support your healing process
  • Adopting compensatory strategies
  • Providing targeted and indication-specific training
  • Conveying the options available to adapt your personal lifestyle
  • Regaining your quality of life

Our clinic is, of course, accepted by all private and most statutory health insurance companies. However, prior to treatment, a confirmation of cost coverage from the respective health insurance company is always required. In order to reach the objectives set out at the start of your stay, we offer follow-up treatment (“AHB / Anschlussheilbehandlung”) as a direct transfer following an inpatient hospital stay or as a medical rehabilitation that has to be proposed by your treating doctor.

The German Social Security Code expressly provides patients with the right to choose where they would like to be treated. Therefore, you can specify the Klinik im Alpenpark as the preferred location for your inpatient stay.

Relax and unwind in our spacious, park-like garden or directly on the shoreline of the Tegernsee and enjoy the exceptional view of the mountains that lie before you.